Bridge Illumination

The Oil City Center Bridge, known for its captivating light displays, offers a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to customize the bridge’s colors for special events or causes.

Each light “show” or color theme is programmed in advance by volunteers, and changed from time to time to correspond to seasons, holidays, and special events.  


Want to change the colors for your special event or cause?

Please complete and return the Center Street Bridge Color Request form.

The Oil City Main Street Program will consider written requests for color changes on a case-by-case basis.  Requests to support a political agenda will not be granted.  Please submit your request 2-3 weeks in advance.  Due to the limited availability of volunteers, we cannot honor all requests.

Lighting Up & Bridging the Community

The Center Street Bridge Lighting Project, completed in August 2017, is a project of the Oil City Main Street Program and the Oil Region Alliance.

The project is a collaborative effort, made possible with the cooperation of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the City of Oil City; and funded with the help of Penn Soil Rural Conservation and Development Council, Bridge Builders Community Foundation, the Elizabeth S. Black Charitable Trust via the PNC Charitable Trust, Take Pride in Oil City, and numerous private contributors.