Our Mission

The Mission of the Oil City Main Street Program is to make Oil City’s downtown business district attractive and vibrant, providing a foundation for the healthy growth and success of current and future businesses and residents.

Our downtown will become a regional destination for visitors to enjoy the arts, recreation and entertainment by leveraging our rich heritage and natural resources.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a community where we all work in concert to make Oil City a desirable place to work, live and visit. A Main Street community that has:

  • A clean, safe main street with restored historic architecture and attractive streetscapes;
  • Scenic waterways, walking and bike trails that will provide river access and opportunities for recreation;
  • A vibrant artist community that supports art and culture in a visitor-friendly venue;
  • Downtown niche businesses that offer unique and enjoyable retail, restaurant and accommodation experiences;
  • Professional services that support the wellbeing and vitality of our citizens and local economy;
  • Quaint and affordable residential apartments and town homes in the upper stories of downtown buildings;
  • Connection to the emerging technology that will enhance opportunities and allow our businesses to be responsive to changing markets and customer needs;
  • Academic and technical training programs provided by Clarion University-Venango, the Venango Technology Center, the Oil City Area School District, and private parochial schools that will augment the skill sets and knowledge needed to grow our local economy and connect us to world markets.

The ambiance of our downtown will shine, known for its dynamic businesses that connect a rich history, vibrant arts and culture, emerging technology and human assets in our own unique way.